The Lincoln Highway: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Amor Towles

[The Lincoln Highway] is a historical novel set during the 1920s, following the adventures of newlyweds Fannie and George as they drive cross-country to Chicago in search of their better life. Along the way, they are joined by 10 people from all walks of life who become their traveling companions and guides through America's hinterlands.

"I arrived in Panama City just before noon on a warm, cloudless day. The city with the striking turquoise-colored buildings and white-sand beaches was much smaller than I'd imagined it would be," begins Amor Towles' Lincoln Highway novel. The voice of the narrator, first person protagonist Teddy Daniels, is so realistic that readers will find themselves traveling on the Lincoln Highway with Teddy as he meanders through his journey from New York to California.

The Lincoln Highway is a story about two men who are on a cross-country trip from New York City to California. They stop in towns where they meet different people and their lives intertwine with each other and the towns they visit. The Lincoln Highway audiobook can be downloaded at

"The Lincoln Highway" is about a woman who is on vacation and decides to drive from New York City to San Francisco, on the Lincoln Highway. In trying to find her way through America, she goes down many twists and turns throughout her trip. It's also a book that discusses how society has changed over the years.

The Lincoln Highway is a novel by Amor Towles. It tells the story of Joe and his young niece, Pilar. The novel takes place in 1925 on an unnamed American highway that becomes the Lincoln Highway, which is America's first highway with a federally funded construction project. Joe and Pilar have recently lost their father when the train he was driving crashes into the river that separates New York from New Jersey. Their journey starts at Manhattan as they travel west to California. Along the way, they meet various characters that teach them about life and each other through their own stories before ending up at San Francisco where they meet their grandfather for the first time.

The Lincoln Highway follows the story of George Bemis- a man who is about to turn 50 and on the verge of losing everything he has. Between his wife and children, his job, and even himself- George's life is irreparable. One day while driving back home from work, he notices that the road in front of him looks familiar. He pulls over to see if this is just a mirage, but it isn't- The Lincoln Highway is real! He stops for gas at a little town that fits so well with The Lincoln Highway- he actually thinks it's for sale. While preparing for an epic adventure, George discovers that he is not facing his own mortality- but also something much more interesting- life!

Published Date 2021-10-05
Duration 16 hours 39 minutes
Author Amor Towles
Narrated Dion Graham, Edoardo Ballerini, Marin Ireland
(180 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Coming of Age, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction

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