Video Game Careers Demystified: Trifecta of Game Makers, Athletes, and Ecosystem in a Thriving Industry Audiobook Download by Michael S. Chang

The book gives a detailed overview of the video game industry, from its historical roots to the present-day landscape. It also covers the many career options available in this growing industry, including but not limited to development and design, marketing, business management, and PR.

"Jonny Unitus" is an entrepreneur and self-proclaimed dreamer. He has been a part of gaming since his early years and has been a pivotal figure in the industry for nearly two decades. He's an expert on the subject of video game development, including its importance in the gaming world, how personal connections can help you succeed in the competitive industry, how the learning curve is steep but manageable, and how to take your career to new heights with perseverance and hard work.

With the rise of video games, it is tough to envision a future without them. This is especially true when you look at the number of gamers around the world: there are over one hundred and sixty-nine million people who play video games each day. There's also been a rise in recent years in the number of jobs that have been created that require a background in games - from game developers to those employed in eSports.

Video Game Careers Demystified is a groundbreaking book that offers an in-depth look at this rapidly growing industry. From the game makers to the athletes, the authors cover everything from obtaining certification and becoming an independent worker to why gaming has become such a popular profession.

You have a passion for gaming and you want to make it your career. Perhaps you are just starting out and want to know what the job market is like so that you can prepare yourself better. What's the best path in this industry? What should you focus on in your career? The author of this book has done his research and he shares his findings with the reader along with lots of practical knowledge.

Video Game Careers Demystified: Trifecta of Game Makers, Athletes, and Ecosystem in a Thriving Industry by Michael S. Chang narrated by ['Jonny Unitus'] is a book that discusses the three types of careers available to those who want to enter the video game industry. These are the making, athlete, and ecosystem careers. The author offers advice on how to find these jobs and tells you what they entail. He also includes interviews with leading figures in each field and offers advice for how best to succeed in them.

Published Date 2021-05-01
Duration 5 hours 34 minutes
Author Michael S. Chang
Narrated Jonny Unitus
(0 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? No
Category Science & Technology
Parent Category Computers, Hobbies & Games

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