On Task: How Our Brain Gets Things Done Free Audiobook Download by David Badre

The process of brain function is fascinating, but also confusing. Neuroscientist David Badre explains the science behind how our brains do what they do in his newest audiobook On Task. Badre offers an accessible and enjoyable listen as he talks about cognitive neuroscience and how our thoughts can help us achieve more.

Uncovering the remarkable power of the brain, On Task is a book that teaches us how our brain can help us achieve (and succeed) in life. Author David Badre uses his personal experiences to share with readers what he's learned about how our brains work- and how we can use these lessons to better understand ourselves and our motivations so we can make better choices about what we do and don't accomplish.

The audiobook starts with a simple question: "What is the thing you do most frequently and not think about?" After a brief history of how this question came to be, the narrator answers it. The book then goes on to describe how our brain is involved in everything we do, down to what we eat and when we sleep. There are four stages that take place in our brain's process of getting things done: planning, anticipating, executing and monitoring.

On Task is a book written by David Badre and it is about how our brains allows us to do tasks. The book has illustrations that show how the brain, including parts of the brain, operates which helps with understanding.

David Badre's On Task: How Our Brain Gets Things Done is a captivating, educational and enlightening audiobook that helps listeners understand how their brain functions and how it can be used to help them increase productivity. This product is perfect for those interested in personal development, the science of cognition and understanding how the human mind works.

A new innovative audiobook that is a ground-breaking look into how our brain gets things done. The author uses his own personal experiences, scientific studies and many connections to show how much it would affect someone's life if they were able to find out how/why their brain works.

Published Date 2020-11-10
Duration 13 hours 14 minutes
Author David Badre
Narrated Adam Grupper
(9 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Science & Technology
Parent Category Biology & Chemistry

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