Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn't, and Why It Matters Audiobook Download by Steven E. Koonin

Unsettled tells you about factors that are causing climate change and how those factors are affecting our environment and our future. This is important information for everyone to know because of the changes in temperature, sea levels, weather patterns, and more that are happening now. It's not just useful for people who want to take care of our natural world. Unsettled also provides clear insight into what we can do to protect ourselves from these changes to ensure a safe and sustainable future for us all.

The book is a conversation about climate science and the world's current state of affairs. In it, author Steven E. Koonin talks about different points in time as well as how humanity has been impacted by climate change. He also talks about what he would do if he were to have more control over the situation and what we should be aiming for going forward.

In this audiobook download, Jay Aaseng reads the book to help readers understand the concepts of climate science and how it works. Aaseng does a good job of presenting complex ideas in a way that is comprehensible for the everyday person. The audiobook also contains a detailed glossary that helps readers explore the many concepts within this book.

The author Steven E. Koonin argues that, while climate science has moved far enough to provide a certain level of certainty, it is not yet possible to say with scientific certainty that global warming is caused by humans.

Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn't, and Why It Matters is a book that discusses the implications of climate change in one of the most comprehensive terms; it covers everything from the rise in CO2 to the burning of forests. The narration by Jay Aaseng is full of emotion and passion, making this a good book to share with your friends.

Climate change is a complicated issue, and the science behind it can be difficult to understand. In Unsettled, Steven E. Koonin gives the reader an understanding of climate science, examining why new data has significant scientific implications for Earth's future. Koonin covers some of the most important issues―climate sensitivity, greenhouse gases and their effects on the environment and human health, global warming versus climate change―and also discusses topics such as solar irradiance and its effect on climate change. The audiobook features a narrator with a soft voice that makes it easy to listen to while driving or when doing other activities.

Published Date 2021-05-04
Duration 7 hours 14 minutes
Author Steven E. Koonin
Narrated Jay Aaseng
(24 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? No
Category Science & Technology
Parent Category Animals & Nature, Public Policy, World

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