The Witch's Kind: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Louisa Morgan

The Witch's Kind is a horror novel about witches, witches who want to take over the world. They make their plans by killing people in order to collect their souls and make them into soulless witch-creatures. They then burn these creatures to make the ashes which they can use as a weapon. Things are going well, until a priest finds out what they're doing and sets out to stop them.

For generations, the women of the Morgan family have lived in fear of their male relatives and their terrible power. They've been eager to please, desperate for approval, and more often than not, they've been sickly or dead. The only way for a woman to live is to control her own life - except that when Chloe Morgan escapes from the patriarch's home, he follows her and makes a promise that changes everything. His offer: trade her body for a chance at running away with her sister, Victoria. Pick one of these bullet points:

The Witch's Kind is the story of two women, one who has a deep love for all things magical and another who feels that magic should be kept in the dark. Lailah, a young woman from London, is on a mission to find her missing father when she meets Cessy, an old woman living in the forest near her house with her family. Lailah quickly finds out that Cessy isn't just any old witch - she's actually a powerful witch-leader of sorts, and her life changes forever when she learns that Lailah's father made contact with her before he disappeared.

Louisa Morgan, a young witch living in 16th century Salem, tries to find her brother and sister that were taken from her by their Aunt. When she finds them, they're no longer the children she knew and loved. Now they're witches and must often hide who they are to survive.

The Witch's Kind: A Novel is a thrilling YA adventure novel about two teenagers from very different worlds, who must work together to stop an evil witch from opening a portal that will flood the world with evil. They are faced with many challenges and struggles as they deal with being friends, rivals and fighting evil.

Dara Rosenberg is a talented audiobook narrator. My favorite aspect of this book was the originality of the story. Dara does an excellent job with different voices - not only for different characters, but also for accents. I also liked how there's a lot of suspense and drama throughout the entire story.

Published Date 2019-03-19
Duration 11 hours 43 minutes
Author Louisa Morgan
Narrated Dara Rosenberg
(6 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Contemporary Women, Historical Romance, Historical

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