The Whispers: The Hollows - Short Story Free Audiobook Download by Lisa Unger

The Whispers: The Hollows is a short story written by Lisa Unger. It's a creepy, dark fable about two women who wander into the woods outside of town, where they encounter strangers and meet their deaths in different ways. I found this story frightening and suspenseful...

This is a short story in the book, The Whispers by Lisa Unger. This story follows two girls who just moved to town and have been assigned a new next door neighbor. They start noticing something about their next door neighbor and want to take action but are not sure what or how to do it.

The Whispers: The Hollows is a short story by Lisa Unger, who is an author that I have never heard of and it is the first audiobook that I'll be publicly reviewing.

The Hollows by Lisa Unger is a short story about an outsider who just moved to a small town in Iowa. The protagonist, Ivy Knightly, is new to the area and to its culture. It's also a story about how we look at others and whether or not they're worthy of our attention. As the narrator, January LaVoy, says: "we are all just stories in someone else's mind."

January LaVoy narrates The Whispers: The Hollows by Lisa Unger. This short story is an atmospheric tale of a brilliant, young engineer named Quinn who falls in love with his high school sweetheart, Sophia. Sophia is beautiful, charming and has the air of an old soul about her. Together they share a passion for inventing and creating things and soon their budding relationship seems perfect.

The Whispers: The Hollows is a short story by Lisa Unger. It is narrated by January LaVoy, the author of the book. In this tale, the townspeople in a small town have always protected themselves against something they can't see or hear. One night, something finally comes for them, and it's not what they were expecting at all.

Published Date 2014-10-28
Duration 1 hours 38 minutes
Author Lisa Unger
Narrated January LaVoy
(4 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Psychological, Suspense, Paranormal

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