The Song of Achilles: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Madeline Miller

The Song of Achilles: A Novel narrated by Frazer Douglas. Continue to follow the story of Achilles, a young war hero and his journey from Greece to Troy. After the Trojan War begins, we see him in his prime as he battles for honor and glory.

The Song of Achilles is a story that covers many personal and cultural aspects. It tells the story of how Achilles, an elite warrior, was born to a father who was the son of a king and a mother who was the daughter of the king. This novel tells the story of how Achilles grew up as he fought for Troy and then for Greece to end the war.

"The Song of Achilles" is a tale of the Trojan War, and Achilles' love for Polyxena, who could potentially have saved him from his fate.

The Song of Achilles, a novel by Madeline Miller and narrated by Frazer Douglas, is a story of the Trojan War, told from the perspective of Patroclus. The story follows Achilles as he goes to war, cuts his way through endless numbers of Trojans and Greeks before reaching the walls of Troy and finally ends when Achilles' foot is impaled by a Trojan spear.

After a long journey, Odysseus finally returns to Ithaca and reunites with his wife. However, he is received by the beautiful Nausicaa instead of Penelope who has been obsessively waiting for her husband for years. The book continues on how their relationship unfolds and how they eventually fall in love, but tragedy soon ensues.

The Song of Achilles is a new take on the classic story of the Iliad, taking place in Patras which became the center of Greek culture and politics. Madeline Miller writes with a firm hand as she weaves together several different perspectives in this tale, lending her own colorful vision to ancient myths.

Published Date 2012-03-06
Duration 11 hours 15 minutes
Author Madeline Miller
Narrated Frazer Douglas
(307 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Historical Fiction

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