The Return of the Witch: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Paula Brackston

In a historical fiction novel set in Middle Ages, young Natasha must learn to fight the witch-hunters if she is to protect her family from the witch hunt of the Inquisition.

The Return of the Witch is a prequel to Paula Brackston's Gothic Saga. It starts off with Catherine, an orphan, witnessing her mother's death at the hands of her father. The trauma causes Catherine to leave the city and live in seclusion with other villagers on the coast.

Set in the present day, a teenage girl comes to believe that she is a witch and she must use her new powers to save her mother from imprisonment.

"The Return of the Witch" is a historical fiction novel that follows two young women as they become entangled in the Shakers, a religious group. As women have become more independent in society and work, so have the Shakers. They have stopped believing in God and instead rely on their own strength to do what they need to do. Inspired by interviews with the Shakers themselves and historical research into their practices, Paula Brackston created this novel that centers around themes of female empowerment."

The Return of the Witch tells the story of a powerful and compelling woman who is entering her fifth decade on this earth, an age where it is time for her to prepare for her own death. She's built a new life for herself: one that she can die in peace in. Every day starts with sacrifice - from prayer, to fasting, to genital mutilation - until she has made it through her last year.

In this audiobook, the protagonist is introduced to a society where witches are hunted and killed. The characters then go on a journey of raw emotional discovery as they learn about the witches' past and why they have been persecuted. It's a powerful story about discovering one's true self.

Published Date 2016-03-08
Duration 13 hours 35 minutes
Author Paula Brackston
Narrated Marisa Calin
(26 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Historical Fiction, Historical

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