The Rational Bible: Genesis Free Audiobook Download by Dennis Prager

The Rational Bible is a four-volume audiobook series that provides an objective, rigorous defense of the Bible. The first volume (Genesis) sets forth the historical reasons for believing in and understanding the story of Genesis. It's a short book with a lot of information packed into it. This particular audio book starts from there, but it goes even further by exploring how the Bible's scientific information should influence our beliefs about everything from our origins to our culture, government, and economics.

The Rational Bible: Genesis is one of many works by Dennis Prager on the subject of faith and reason, which include "The Moral ABC" and "The Rational Bible." This particular book is written at a level that can be understood by beginners in the faith, but also has enough depth to hold the interest of scholars. It's an enjoyable audio book that will introduce you to a world view that's not only interesting, but smartly written.

Dennis Prager has written a new series of audiobooks called, The Rational Bible: Genesis. The books are based on the Biblical creation narrative and Dennis Prager points out common mistakes that people make when interpreting the Bible. In this audiobook, he discusses questions like where did Eve come from? and how can there be scientific contradictions in God's Word?

Dennis Prager's 'The Rational Bible' is a book that Dennis Prager has been writing for many years. It has now been published in its entirety as a series of audiobooks. This is one of the most popular audiobooks on Audible and one that I believe can help someone who is just beginning to learn about creationism or Christianity to consider their new-found knowledge in a rational light.

This course is an excellent introduction to the Bible for those who are not religious, or those who want to re-evaluate their religious beliefs. Dennis Prager's goal in this course is to produce a rational study of the Bible. The course covers each of the books in chronological order and provides insights into the meanings of each verse. I found this audiobook incredibly insightful and worthwhile for its current price ($29).

A particularly impressive twelve-part series, The Rational Bible: Genesis is a great way to learn the basics of Christian doctrine in a systematic and rational way. This is a ten part audiobook which is narrated by Tom Parks.

Published Date 2019-05-07
Duration 19 hours 49 minutes
Author Dennis Prager
Narrated Tom Parks
(20 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Religion & Spirituality
Parent Category Biblical Studies, Judaism, Christianity

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