40- Day Social Media Fast: Exchange Your Online Distractions for Real-Life Devotion Free Audiobook Download by Wendy Speake

In this audiobook, Wendy Speake shares the idea of going on a social media fast to clean out your life from all that is distracting. She discusses how this can be beneficial for both your physical and spiritual health. With 40 days, you will be able to cut out distractions which will help improve focus and give you more time with the people that you care about.

Writer Wendy Speake shares her own story of fasting from social media and connecting more deeply with real-life friends and family. Through this process, she learned how to live a more meaningful life and make good choices. In her book, she offers tips for getting through the first few days of detoxing from technology.

Social media has become an essential part of our lives, but is it worth the trade-offs that come with it? In her powerful new book and audiobook, Wendy Speake offers an innovative way to gain a deep sense of connection and community by giving up online distractions for 40 days.

A new study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison showed that our brains are wired for two types of addiction: those tied to food, and those tied to social media. Addictions like these are not easy to break, but have been shown time and time again to be able to be overcome with willpower.

Wendy Speake is a best-selling author, speaker, and mentor. Her book, 40- Day Social Media Fast: Exchange Your Online Distractions for Real-Life Devotion has reached millions of readers worldwide. In it she shares her personal story and explains the main pillars of creating a life that is lived instead of watched. The book includes six week-long challenges that are meant to help you gain perspective on your online habits.

The 40 Day Social Media Fast is a spiritual practice that encourages participants to spend time away from social media and other online distractions in order to explore the role that modern technology plays in their lives. In the book, author Wendy Speake helps readers set a goal of spending just one day each week not on social media or anything else related.

Published Date 2020-11-03
Duration 6 hours 0 minutes
Author Wendy Speake
Narrated Wendy Speake
(12 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Religion & Spirituality
Parent Category Christianity

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