The Orbs Series Box Set: Books 1-4 Free Audiobook Download by Anthony J. Melchiorri,Nicholas Sansbury Smith

The Orbs Series Box Set: Books 1-4 by Anthony J. Melchiorri Nicholas Sansbury Smith includes 4 books in its audio format. The audiobooks are great for a rainy day or just when you need to unwind from work. They have a soothing calming effect and are easy to listen at any time of day.

If you have not yet heard of the Orbs Series by Anthony J. Melchiorri Nicholas Sansbury Smith, then you will/should be introduced to this amazing story as Bronson Pinchot narrates the first four volumes of the series. These books are written for a young-adult audience, but they are not full of "teenage angst." This series has a lot going on and it is set in a post-apocalyptic world where there is only one government and one religion-The Church of The Book of Orbs. This book series is fast paced, has lots of action and suspense, and starts out easy enough for anyone to get into.

Bronson Pinchot is the narrator for this 4-book audiobook series. It has a haunting description, and the writing style is creative and easy to follow. The author does not use contractions in his writing, but he does shorten words or phrases for clarity. He also uses a lot of metaphors in his stories and makes them relatable to the reader. This box set is a must read for anyone interested in horror/fantasy stories involving suspenseful twists and turns.

The Orbs Series Box Set is the fourth installment of a fantasy series by the author Anthony J. Melchiorri Nicholas Sansbury Smith. The series follows three friends, Randy, Christi and Tad, as they search for an ancient relic that could have devastating effects on Earth. After their first foray into the mysterious realm of Orbs they learn that these strange spheres contain knowledge that has been lost to time and must be protected at all cost.

The Orbs Series Box Set: Books 1-4 narrated by [Bronson Pinchot] audiobook download is set to release on June 27th and contains the first four books in Nicholas Sansbury Smith's popular The Orb Saga series.

Bronson Pinchot is the narrator of this fantastic read. If you are looking for a way to wind down after a long day at work or school, this is the perfect series to listen to. The Orbs Series Box Set: Books 1-4 will give you your "happy ending" that you deserve!

Published Date 2021-09-07
Duration 36 hours 37 minutes
Author Anthony J. Melchiorri, Nicholas Sansbury Smith
Narrated Bronson Pinchot
(7 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Horror, Science Fiction

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