The Midnight Witch: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Paula Brackston

The Midnight Witch is a novel that tells the story of Sarah, a woman who is from a race of witches. After the death of her father, she becomes a witch at the age of eighteen, but she doesn't want to use her powers. She is hesitant and afraid because it means she must complete five tasks with the hand of an evil witch before they can use their powers.

The Midnight Witch: A Novel is a supernatural thriller, set in the fictional town of Midnight, Massachusetts. It follows the story of two sisters who are given an abandoned orphanage to live in and raise their children after having been left horribly scarred by the plague that hit their mother. When the youngest sister goes missing, her older sister must leave her life as a witch behind and enter the world she's always feared to find her lost loved one.

The Midnight Witch is a story of an immortal witch who must choose between saving her family from a curse and sacrificing the life of the boy she loves.

"The Midnight Witch" is a novel that centers around an independent witch named Theresa who lives in New York City with her two best friends, Francis and Ian. She has been practicing witchcraft since she was a child, but the magic is beginning to fade now that she is no longer young and the decades of practice are beginning to take their toll on her. The book goes into detail about Theresa's personal relationship with her family, which can be seen in most of the short chapters through flashbacks.

The Midnight Witch is a riveting novel from Paula Brackston that takes readers on an engaging journey into the world of rural magic and mysticism. With its central characters, the mystical Cassandra and her wise granddaughter, Alice, at the center of an intriguing story and magical world, readers will fall in love with the book's atmospheric setting.

The Midnight Witch is the story of a young woman who has always felt different from everyone else around her. She was born with the ability to create things out of thin air and the only way for her to live with this ability was by staying away from reality. One day, very early in the morning she starts to hear voices and sees visions that lead her to believe there are witches living in her town that want her dead.

Published Date 2014-03-25
Duration 15 hours 36 minutes
Author Paula Brackston
Narrated Marisa Calin
(14 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Historical Fiction, Historical

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