The Man from the Broken Hills Free Audiobook Download by Louis L'amour

The Man from the Broken Hills by Louis Lamour is a short story about a man and his horse who go on an adventure together. The narrator, Macleod Andrews, does an excellent job of voicing each character in the story.

Macleod Andrews has created a beautifully and masterfully narrated audiobook with the help of a professional copyist. The Man from the Broken Hills is an interesting western classic full of suspense, adventure, and romance.

In the summer of 1893 a young cowboy named Tom Brennan rode west from Missouri, heading for a job on the Montana ranch owned by an old friend. This was in response to ads posted in newspapers seeking cowboys with experience working cattle on ranches.

Louis L'amour is considered by many to be the greatest Western author of all time. His best known novel, The Man from the Broken Hills, tells of a man's journey into the untamed and mysterious territory in the northern part of Wyoming. Through tales of nature and legends, L'amour takes readers on an epic adventure that will captivate them until its dramatic conclusion.

The Man from the Broken Hills is set in a landscape of rugged mountains and gorges, with bleached skeletons of trees reaching up to the sky. The story follows a character named 'Lance MacLean', who has been expelled from law school for academic dishonesty, and becomes involved with a mysterious old man called Deadwood Dick.

The Man from the Broken Hills, written by Louis L'amour, is a novel that follows an old prospector who takes on a young gunslinger to help him find gold. Because it was originally published in 1946, the language of this book is quite dated and does not appeal to some readers.

Published Date 2019-03-05
Duration 8 hours 11 minutes
Author Louis L'amour
Narrated Macleod Andrews
(5 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Action & Adventure, Historical Fiction, Western

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