The Maid: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Nita Prose

The Maid: A Novel is narrated by Lauren Ambrose in a compelling and well-crafted audiobook. Set in an early 20th century farmhouse run by the wealthy Marsh family, we are introduced to the beautiful Anna, who is hired as the Marsh maid. With her characteristically strong voice, Ms. Ambrose guides us through the events of this novel with clarity, emotion and honesty — making it hard not to love Anna’s unassuming strength, determination and healing power despite how difficult she has been dealt many unfortunate blows in life.

A young woman with a crush on her maid moves into an apartment in New York City and gets a series of texts from her maid, who is not really her maid, who is actually a painter. These texts lead to more texts, confessions, and ultimately love.

Nita Prose's "The Maid" was originally published as a novel in 1987. The book is about an average housewife named Sara, who one day finds herself running from the police and trying to flee from her husband. She seeks refuge in New York City, where she meets a young woman who introduces her to the world of sex work. The two become friends, and Sara decides to attempt a career change into becoming a prostitute herself. This new lifestyle leads her down a path filled with complications until she comes across an old friend from college who helps her get back on track. As an audiobook, you can listen as this story unfolds.

The Maid is a searing - and often humorous, always riveting - foray into the lives of working-class women in New York City. A life-changing event sends Laura, a wife and mother with a steady job at a local restaurant, to the fringes of her own community where she meets an unlikely new friend: Nadia, a Mexican immigrant who works for pennies as an undocumented maid. Nadia's skin is brown and she has no papers. She is what it means to break the rules.

The Maid is a riveting and haunting story of loss, love, and revenge. It's the story of Aurora Greenway, a young woman who, at age 23, is on the cusp of fame and fortune. As she tours her first international art show in Paris with her mother, she has to confront the corruption in her own life.

A second-rate novelist hires a maid, with the intention of spending her time writing a book instead. She quickly becomes friends with the woman, and rather than keep them separate they become romantically involved...

Published Date 2022-01-04
Duration 9 hours 37 minutes
Author Nita Prose
Narrated Lauren Ambrose
(68 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Cozy Mystery, Suspense, Literary Fiction

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