The Little Shop of Found Things: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Paula Brackston

Author Paula Brackston (Paula) had been a journalist and political science teacher. She wanted to retire from teaching yet wanted to teach students more than reading them books. So she embarked on a new journey as an author with her first book published in 2016. This novel is about a woman who has just lost her husband in WWII and starts a little shop of found things that she sells at flea markets and antique shows. She writes the names of items and their prices on index cards, then places them into two piles: sold and for sale. One night when she falls asleep, the Fairy Godmother appears before her and offers to grant one wish of hers--anything! The next day, she adopts a wonderful dog that was found abandoned

This story is about a woman's fierce determination to save the shop she inherited from her favorite aunt. Told almost entirely in writing, it's a compelling yarn of love, loss and friendship with a lot of heart.

The Little Shop of Found Things is Paula Brackston's first novel. It follows the story of three friends who run a vintage clothing store in Brooklyn, as they find themselves trying to find meaning in their lives and questions about whether or not that looks better than meaning.

"I have always had a knack for finding just the right kind of treasures. I love to go through thrift stores and yard sales, rummage through dusty attics and take old things home to find their new life."

All of Paula's life, she has a special place for lost things. Discarded toys, piles of clothes and shoes, her grandmother's various keepsakes and souvenirs from trips around the world. One night in the middle of the winter, when all the friends were away for Christmas, she gets a call from an old girlfriend about wanting to do a swap - one present for one present. They met up in their hometown to exchange gifts; it seemed like a perfect idea at the time - until they arrived at Paula's house and realized that someone had broken into her house while they were gone.

The Little Shop of Found Things is a funny and charming story about how it's never too late to follow your dreams. The novel is told through the eyes of Vickie, a woman who shares her life with her daughter and grandson while also working as a shopkeeper. Her quirky personality leads to some amusing moments such as when she tells customers that "happy days are here again" or how she often wears an outfit made up of found items.

Published Date 2018-10-16
Duration 12 hours 50 minutes
Author Paula Brackston
Narrated Marisa Calin
(62 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Historical Fiction, Historical

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