The Light in Hidden Places (Digital Audio Download Edition) Free Audiobook Download by Sharon Cameron

The Light in Hidden Places is a Shakespeare and Sartre-inspired novella by Sharon Cameron, and it's the story of two people whose paths cross when they're both simultaneously searching for the light. One is Lila, a young woman who has just broken up with her boyfriend, and is numbingly lost in her grief; the other is Stephen, an older man whose wife recently died. When they meet and connect on one specific topic - writing - their lives begin to intersect in ways that change their perspectives on everything. They eventually decide to take a trip together to explore where these feelings will lead them, but as Lila says early on in the book: "Light isn't always easy to find."

The Light in Hidden Places is book two in the series of The Surratt Society mystery novels by Sharon Cameron. In this novel, a woman is found dead at the scene of a shooting and the only evidence available is an audio recording.

The Light in Hidden Places (Digital Audio Download Edition) is a dark and suspenseful thriller that centers around an isolated lighthouse keeper.

The Light in Hidden Places is a suspenseful, coming-of-age story that zips along at a breakneck pace.

The Light in Hidden Places by Sharon Cameron is a fictional story about a mysterious young woman called Ana. The story starts with her waking up to find that she can see things that others cannot. The narrator, the "best friend" of Ana's parents, tells the story from having heard it from Ana herself.

Although not a romantic audio, this story is full of hope and love. It's about the light in hidden places-the light that shines when everything seems dark. This is a beautifully narrated story of hope and love that also explores the overlooked truth within.

Published Date 2020-03-03
Duration 16 hours 12 minutes
Author Sharon Cameron
Narrated Beata Po?niak
(38 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Teen
Parent Category Historical, Romance

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