Firekeeper's Daughter Free Audiobook Download by Angeline Boulley

One day, the daughter of a firekeeper named Rosella was born. Her mother died giving birth to her and all the forest folk were so sad. She was named Luna, "moon" in Spanish, for she had a soft voice. As Luna grows up in the woods, she learns to sing birds to sleep by lulling them with her own song and how to heal wounds from mosquitoes and other creatures who were hurt. She is even able to control the fires that rage through the forest when people try to take over.

"Isabella Star Lablanc" is the narrator of "Firekeeper's Daughter" by Angeline Boulley. The audiobook download is a quick, easy way to get the book.

This novel tells the story of a girl named Rose in a post-apocalyptic world. The humans have been driven from their homes by the Others, evil beings that spit fire and steal human souls. Every day, Rose's mother wakes her up and they go on a journey to find food and plants in order to feed themselves. They do not know what will happen at the end of their journey, but they need to keep going.

The story begins with a mysterious fire in the night. The protagonist, Isabella Star Lablanc, is found on her father's doorstep, reports of a fire in their home are frighteningly familiar to her. However, what the reader learns soon enough is that the story isn't the same as your typical "girl finds family and she becomes a champion" story.

Firekeeper's Daughter is a beautifully written historical fiction novel that takes place in 17th century New England. At the beginning of the story, Theodora Bristow is a 16-year-old girl who lives on an island in Boston Harbor with her family. She follows her father, Chief Elder Richard Bristow, and joins him at a firebrand where she meets Firekeeper Sarah Little Bear who introduces her to the community.

Firekeeper's Daughter is a fictional fairy tale that tells the story of Becca, who has been taken away from her loving parents to serve as a servant in the palace. Her father, who is the king, is so distraught by his daughter's disappearance that he feels useless. One day, after wandering into a forest and falling asleep on a fallen tree trunk to escape her life and all of its drama, Becca wakes up to find she can hear the voices of animals and birds talking back to her. She realizes she has somehow joined their world and soon creates an even better one for herself by helping animals adapt to outside conditions while meeting new friends along the way.

Published Date 2021-03-16
Duration 14 hours 13 minutes
Author Angeline Boulley
Narrated Isabella Star Lablanc
(78 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Teen
Parent Category Tough Topics, Mystery & Thriller, General

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