The House in the Woods Free Audiobook Download by Mark Dawson

"The House in the Woods" is an eerie and suspenseful audiobook. This work of fiction is a captivating tale of the supernatural that will keep your mind racing until the very end. The narrator's voice is both soothing as he tells this ghost story and ominous and creepy as he gives you chills throughout. Truly, this is a worthy listen for all horror lovers out there.

The House in the Woods is a horror story about a young woman who picks up a strange man hitchhiking, who tells her that he has been living in the woods for seven years, and she agrees to take him back to town. Once they arrive in town, she soon realizes that this man was not just talking about living in the woods but also something much more sinister. The story follows the events that unfold after their meeting and how they all come together.

The House in the Woods is a story of two people who are completely different but are brought together by an old house deep in the woods. The house is filled with mysteries and secrets, some good, some bad, which will lead them on a search to answer the question: "Who owns the house?"

A pastor and his wife are about to have their first child. They live just outside a small town in Maine, and the woods surrounding their house create a magical feeling of safety and peace. One night, they hear something terrifying in the house, and it's a horrifying experience that changes them forever. As they struggle to make sense of what happened, they begin to realize that experiences like this may be happening all over the country.

The House in the Woods is a horror novel by Mark Dawson. This book has been compared to Stephen King, and is indeed a very terrifying read. The audiobook version of this book features beautiful narration from Simon Vance which makes this novel all the more immersive.

A man wakes up after a drunken binge to find himself in the middle of nowhere. He has no idea how he ended up there or why his wife left him, but he soon discovers that something sinister is happening. A series of events leads him to a house in the woods, where he encounters some truly terrifying monsters.

Published Date 2020-05-19
Duration 9 hours 57 minutes
Author Mark Dawson
Narrated Simon Vance
(371 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Police Stories, Detective Stories

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