The Hidden Palace: A Novel of the Golem and the Jinni Free Audiobook Download by Helene Wecker

The Hidden Palace is a story that takes place in New York City, at the turn of the 20th century. It follows two different stories- one about a young Jewish woman and her time in Cairo with a wealthy, able-bodied man who becomes her mentor; the other about a golem, specifically how he came to be created by two men.

The Hidden Palace: A Novel of the Goleman and the Jinni by Helene Wecker is a magical story about a Golem, created by Rabbi Loew to protect the Jews from pogroms in German-occupied Prague, who meets a Jinni whom he falls in love with.

Helene Wecker's novel The Hidden Palace, which takes place in Prague during the late 19th century and is told from the point of view of two magical creatures-one human, one not-is set to be released as an audiobook by LibriVox. George Guidall will narrate the audio.

In Helene Wecker's The Hidden Palace, George Guidall narrates the story of a golem who is built with the body of a beggar boy and a beautiful Jinni. Their story is one that starts with misunderstanding and quickly spirals into the dangerous territory of love.

The Hidden Palace tells the story of a Jewish courtier, who is part of the bargain that will give the Sultan a golem. On the night before the deal is to be closed he's given a Jinni by his wife, and she's still in her cage when it becomes clear that they can't go through with their agreement. When he finally convinces his family to leave for America, she insists on coming with them and becomes a member of their household.

The Hidden Palace is a forthcoming novel by American writer, Helene Wecker. It's been nominated for the 2016 National Book Award for fiction, and offers an in-depth look at the history of Jewish mysticism, European colonialism, and the story of America. It is narrated by George Guidall - who reads with a mastery that brings each character to life.

Published Date 2021-06-08
Duration 16 hours 19 minutes
Author Helene Wecker
Narrated George Guidall
(0 Reviews)
Abridged No
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Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Religious & Inspirational, Literary Fiction, Religious Fiction, Historical

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