The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea Free Audiobook Download by John Mann,Bob Burg

I'll give you a hint- the title of this blog has something to do with giving. You think about it, and I'll come back later when you've figured it out.

The Go-Giver is a short story about a man who hired a young college graduate and challenged him to take his company from $150,000 in sales to $1 million in sales. The young man did so by giving more of himself than he was getting back. He gave his time, his intelligence, his effort, and his ideas and in return received an offer that would be very hard to refuse.

The Go-Giver is a short story about a young man who learns a powerful business idea by accident. The main character, Andrew Carnegie, begins as an average man with an unspectacular job and goes on to become one of the richest men in American history. By sharing his ideas with other people, he becomes incredibly rich and able to make others around him wealthy too.

In the age of digital business competition, everyone is fighting for customers. The question is not what will you do to get more customers but how well can you give them? In this book, Bob Burg and John Mann urge their readers to think about what they offer that a customer might want. A customer sees themselves in your company and appreciates the little things you do for them. Sam Walton did the same thing with his stores and it made him one of the richest men on Earth - because he gave people something they could feel good about.

The Go-Giver is a short story written by Bob Burg and published in 1992. It tells the story of a salesman named Joe who was assigned to go help a struggling company, but was denied because he wasn't enough of an expert. He eventually teamed up with another employee named Sally who became his equal and helped him change the business for the better. The book has touched on many topics including entrepreneurship, team building, negotiation skills and more.

"The Go-Giver" is a short story written by the American author Bob Burg. It was first published in 1985, and has since been translated into more than 40 languages. The book tells the story of an executive that learns about "the secret to success through a life changing experience." He begins sharing his knowledge with others, and soon proves to be very popular with business owners. Not only does he help them become successful through his teaching, but he also inspires them to give their own ideas back to the community.

Published Date 2015-11-01
Duration 2 hours 54 minutes
Author John Mann, Bob Burg
Narrated Bob Burg, John Mann
(202 Reviews)
Abridged No
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