Leading with Cultural Intelligence, Second Editon: The Real Secret to Success Free Audiobook Download by David Livermore

Culture is a key ingredient of the success formula and the book gives fascinating insights into how leaders can use the power of culture to achieve their goals. It talks about cultural intelligence, which provides you with the ability to lead and manage in any culture. David Livermore is an experienced leader and this book offers practical strategies that will help leaders who are struggling to understand what culture all about.

A lot of people who have tried to learn about Cultural Intelligence missed the real key to success. They often try to lead with their own wisdom instead of actually understanding what others are thinking, feeling, and experiencing.

Leading with Cultural Intelligence, Second Editon: The Real Secret to Success is a book by David Livermore that discusses the importance of leadership in this digital age and displays how leaders can use their company's cultural values to lead their company to success.

Lead with Cultural Intelligence, Second Edition was written by David Livermore and is one of the most important books that every leader in business should read. In this audiobook download, you will hear David Livermore's humor and his insights on how to lead a company with cultural intelligence.

Leading with Cultural Intelligence, Second Editon: The Real Secret to Success by David Livermore narrated by ['Tim Andres Pabon'] is the second edition of a book that leads readers through the process of gaining cultural intelligence. The book talks about how to understand the other person's perspective and respect their rights as well as provide them with opportunities for self-determination.

David Livermore's newly revised edition of Leading with Cultural Intelligence provides the perfect guide for professionals and executives seeking to apply their own unique cultural intelligence in their personal and professional lives. The book is divided into nine chapters that cover everything from the basics of cultural difference to topics on leadership, global teams, and creating a vision for company long-term success.

Published Date 2015-10-01
Duration 7 hours 53 minutes
Author David Livermore
Narrated Tim Andres Pabon
(29 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Business & Economics
Parent Category HR & Office Administration, Management & Leadership

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