The Dutch House: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Ann Patchett

For most of the Dutch House, a new novel by Ann Patchett, I was experiencing a perfect storm of emotions. These were not extreme emotions, these were not happiness and sadness or hate and love. No, it was more like mild boredom and annoyance that I could never quite put my finger on. Then someone said something:

The Dutch House is the story of a house with a past. The Dutch House and its inhabitants are a weird, rambling, old house in Nashville that's inhabited by all sorts of characters who seem to be more than they seem. The narrator is a woman named Barbara and it's her perspective we experience as she tells the story of each character who enters the house. This audiobook starts off with Barbara waiting outside on an overcast day while rain falls and ends with her telling the story of how she came back to clean the Dutch House up when it was up for sale.

Adeline and her husband, David, move to a new house that isn't quite as it seems--a lovely Dutch house in the middle of nowhere. She's not sure what to make of it until one day when she hears a sound coming from inside that makes her heart jump up into her throat. As the weeks pass by, and more sounds ensue, Adeline sets out on a journey through this strange old house--and discovers it is full of secrets and mysteries

The Dutch House: A Novel by Ann Patchett is a thrilling story set in rural Mississippi. It follows the journey of two sisters who find out they have a long lost father- and he has dementia! The two sisters must travel to reclaim the memories that were stolen from them when their father had a stroke and was hospitalized in Memphis.

This is a story of the best place in the world and it's also a story of love and loss between two sisters that spans three generations. Estelle is an American lawyer who is reunited with her young sister Meg, whose life has been upended by tragedy that neither she nor her parents know how to deal with. When they were younger, their mother took them to live on a farm in Holland during the summer months where they would befriend the kind Dutch family that owned it. Estelle and Meg think they made some lifelong friends but then tragedy strikes again and they are gone forever. Now as adults, both sisters have come back to Holland looking for their true love.

In the novel "The Dutch House" by Ann Patchett, the characters' lives are shaped by their pasts. Characters who are haunted by regrets and guilt, fear and anger, and regret are common in this novel. The narrator of the audiobook is Tom Hanks, and his voice work is excellent. The audiobook begins with a woman named Clare whose husband was killed in a car accident when Clare was pregnant with her second child. She spends her time waiting for her children to come home from school to find them without a father. The story is told through multiple perspectives including the main character Clare's sister Annie who is struggling with some tough decisions that she has made over the last few years.

Published Date 2019-09-24
Duration 9 hours 54 minutes
Author Ann Patchett
Narrated Tom Hanks
(1500 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Family Life, Coming of Age, Literary Fiction

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