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"Ben Katchor's comics are a wonderful source of insight into the inner workings of American urban life."

In 1963, Ben Katchor and his wife visited Europe on a six-month art fellowship. During their travels, they befriended Simone de Beauvoir who invited them to visit her in Paris and show her the work of Katchor, who was then only 23 years old. In 1968, as part of the 100th anniversary of Darwin's birth, she published a selection of drawings by Katchor which were originally made for the Dairy Restaurant.

This is a really interesting blog about Ben Katchor, a cartoonist who has been drawing since the 1960s. He grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and his work is quite different from the typical comic strips we're used to. He started out with many issues of "Mad Magazine" from 1960-1965, but moved on to other formats when he decided to try his hand at becoming a cartoonist for more serious pieces.

Katchor's book is a satirical account of how the fast food industry has grown and taken over American culture in the last seventy years. He depicts the story of a struggling Brooklyn dairy restaurant, which is failing to keep up with changing times.

"We're not supposed to eat cows," says Alan after a day of shooting. "I think we might be the first people in history who ate one."

Ben Katchor's 'The Dairy Restaurant' is an out of print book that has been reprinted three times since it was first published in 1962. The story focuses on the narrator and his father as they visit their hometown in New Jersey. It begins with Harry, a kid who feels disconnected from the American dream, getting lost in the woods of his hometown. This leads to a huge search involving all of the townspeople who are united by their love for dairy products such as ice cream.

Published Date 2021-05-25
Duration 13 hours 6 minutes
Author Ben Katchor
Narrated Rob Shapiro
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