World Travel: An Irreverent Guide Free Audiobook Download by Laurie Woolever,Anthony Bourdain

Travel is an amazing adventure that has the power to change your life. In World Travel: An Irreverent Guide, author Laurie Woolever Anthony Bourdain takes readers on an international trek full of laughs and stories. Here are just a few of the highlights found within: "A journey is not quite complete without a fair amount of humiliation." "There's nothing quite like waking up in a foreign land with zero idea what you're doing there or why you're even there." "People always said, 'You should travel,' but it never occurred to me that I should stay home and write books about other people traveling."

Anthony Bourdain is a world traveler and the author of the bestseller 'Kitchen Confidential.' The no-nonsense approach in his book has made this an irreverent guide for people who want to know more about food, wine and traveling.

Anthony Bourdain has showed us a new dimension of travel and food, and Laurie Woolever helps us do the same. This audiobook guide is helpful in seeing how to get your bearings in a new country or city, how to find food that's worth the calories, and what to do if you want a cheap place to stay.

This audiobook is a witty and irreverent guide to traveling the world that was compiled by some of the most interesting people I have ever met. It's a book of stories, advice, and adventures in life that has left me wanting more.

If you've traveled abroad more than once, chances are you'll find yourself in a friendly conversation with someone who asks for your travel tips. What to say? It's easy! This irreverent guide from The New York Times, the perfect companion for any globetrotter, is loaded with tips and tricks to make your next trip even better.

Read this irreverent and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny guide to world travel and learn how to be a better traveler.

Published Date 2021-04-20
Duration 12 hours 12 minutes
Author Laurie Woolever, Anthony Bourdain
Narrated Bill Buford, Shep Gordon, Matt Walsh, Jen Agg, Laurie Woolever, Christopher Bourdain, Claude Tayag, Nari Kye, Vidya Balachander, Steve Albini
(53 Reviews)
Abridged No
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Category Travel
Parent Category Travel Tips, Essays & Travelogues, History & Culture

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