The Cabinet of Curiosities: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Lincoln Child,Douglas Preston

Lincoln Child's book, The Cabinet of Curiosities, is a novel that is set on the shores of Lake Superior in Minnesota. It tells the story of Jonathan Marosz and his wife LuAnn, who live a rather unconventional lifestyle for their time. They take refuge in an old shack that has caught their attention and move into it with their two children. Jonathan is a writer and an avid hunter but also contributes to scientific journals. He writes about the animals living on the lake and what he learns from them. One night, during dinner, he notices strange lights escaping from one of the windows in the shack into the night sky. What follows is a gripping tale about science gone awry.

"The Cabinet of Curiosities" is a novel by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston, who are also known for their popular series of novels together, "Pendergast." The Cabinet of Curiosities is an adventure book about an artifact hunter named Aloysius Pendergast. He finds an ancient map that leads him to a door with three locks on it. This door leads to the Cabinet of Curiosities, which contains some very valuable pieces of art.

"Jonathan Marosz's narration is very good, smooth and professional."- Audible Reviews This book by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston has many curiosities. The main protagonist, who is a professor of archaeology, must accompany his father on an expedition to retrieve a famous lost treasure from the Amazon rainforest. What they don't know is that their guide is in charge of a group of explorers who have been hunting for the same treasure for years. It takes them three months to find it, but not before the protagonist accidentally kills someone with a machete. His father decides to let him go back to civilization before he can get in trouble and start talking about the events that occur during the expedition. He was going to send someone else down while he stayed back, but they were all killed except for him anyway when his plane crashed on approach into Manaus.

The Cabinet of Curiosities: A Novel is an interesting book. I read it during my summer vacation and I liked the way the author described his characters and his story. The novel is about six people who are looking for a treasure. Each character has their own personality which helps make them seem different from one another. All of these personalities also help make the novel more interesting to read as they have different feelings regarding the treasure, different attitudes towards other people, and different habits that each individual has.

Lincoln Child's newly released novel, The Cabinet of Curiosities, can be enjoyed in many ways. Enjoy the audiobook narrated by Douglas Preston who is an award-winning author in his own right. Check out the novel on your ebook reader, and enjoy a new kind of adventure!

The Cabinet of Curiosities is a novel by Lincoln Child, who also wrote several popular series including the popular sci-fi/thriller books Relic and The U.S. Government. The story follows a group of people who are hired to recover a set of stolen journals that contain top-secret information and are now being auctioned off at an auction house in Connecticut. Shortly after arriving, all hell breaks loose and they have no choice but to run for their lives if they want to stay alive and avoid being killed by mysterious forces (they don't know what or who these forces are just yet).

Published Date 2012-11-20
Duration 17 hours 4 minutes
Author Lincoln Child, Douglas Preston
Narrated Jonathan Marosz
(61 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Suspense, Action & Adventure, Paranormal

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