The Burgess Boys: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Elizabeth Strout

Cassandra Campbell has done a terrific job narrating Elizabeth Strout's novel, 'The Burgess Boys.' She gives each character a voice that is clear, distinct and very easy to listen to. The story follows the lives of four brothers from rural Maine. This is not one of those books where the protagonist is a woman, but it does have some interesting female characters. The boys are all in their twenties and have grown up in poverty and under the care of neglectful parents who rarely give them any attention or affection. In college they work hard but struggle to make ends meet. However, they are all determined to be independent adults no matter what it takes and they will stick together through thick and thin.

The Burgess boys are the children of a widowed man and his two sisters. They have been raised on a farm and live in poverty. They live kind of like outsiders, which is something they certainly don't want to be as they are trying to fit into society. Their mother, Lydia, is struggling, but she has her favorites- her youngest daughter Ruthie who she always gives extra attention to because she believes that Ruthie will be the one to make it big, and Jake who Lydia is convinced will save their family farm.

The Burgess Boys is a 2011 novel written by Elizabeth Strout. The story is about the Burgess family, who live at the edge of town in a big house with a great yard and lots of kids, but they are not all happy with their life. Some members of the family grow more close while others struggle to find their place.

The Burgess Boys is a book that tells the story of the Burgess family. The first chapter introduces Ida, who has just arrived in town to be a housekeeper for the titular family. She brings with her a brother named Zee whose job seems rather simple: he takes care of their son who is deaf and mute. However, Ida soon realizes that all of the boys in the family are quite difficult as they all have very specific jobs that make it hard for them to connect with each other. Eventually, by the end of the book, we learn why there was so much tension between members of this dysfunctional family

The Burgess Boys: A novel by Elizabeth Strout is the story of two boys, Jack and Jim, who were best friends. Because their mothers died before they were born, they were raised from the beginning by different sets of grandparents. Jack was brought up in a family that was very religious, while Jim's family was not religious at all. They grew up to have completely different personalities. One morning after one of the boys' football games during their final year in high school, he discovers that his brother has died and he must take care of his elderly grandparents.

The Burgess Boys is a novel about two boys, Henry and Bob, who are close friends and neighbors. The boys grow up together, with Henry being the more bookish of the two. When Bob becomes extremely successful in his career, he moves away to all parts of the country for work. Henry longs for his best friend, but when Bob returns for an unexpected visit after 15 years, the old friendship may be lost forever.

Published Date 2013-03-26
Duration 13 hours 30 minutes
Author Elizabeth Strout
Narrated Cassandra Campbell
(5 Reviews)
Abridged No
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Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Sagas, Family Life, Literary Fiction

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