Thank You for My Service Free Audiobook Download by Nils Parker,Mat Best,Ross Patterson

I am an Army veteran, and this is my story of leaving the military and starting over as a young man. I had no idea how to find work when I left the military in 2003, but through hard work and perseverance, I found myself in a job that I love after many years of unemployment.

Thank You for My Service is a novel about two soldiers returning from overseas to their homes and the difficulties that they face. It's a work of fiction, but it uses true events to fill in the gaps of its fictional story. This novel tells the story of an American soldier who must return home after fighting in Iraq.

This article is a compilation of the true and personal experiences of Nils Parker Mat Best, who was in the United States Marine Corps. Through his own personal stories and those of his fellow Marines, this article gives readers a detailed look at what service can really be like for someone who has dedicated their lives to protecting the United States

In Thank You For My Service, Nils Parker MatBest Ross Patterson tells the story of his life. He shares the love of his family, and the importance of their military service, from enlistment in Vietnam to his retirement from the US Army at Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks.

This is the true story of a man who never wanted to be a hero. Fictional detective and author, Nils Parker Mat Best was best known for his self-doubt, and it frustrated the hell out of him that he just could not pull off the big case. His wife left him on their wedding day when she found out about his drinking problem, and so he took up writing in order to escape from memories of her. Then, one night, he got drunk. It was an accident. A car lifted up on its shocks during a rainstorm, and Mat Best helped push it back over to continue driving safely before everyone started yelling at him that he would have died if he hadn't been there.

The story is about an ex-Marine who struggles to find his place in civilian life after returning from war. He starts to reconnect with his old unit, the Marines on their annual reunion, and the spirit of his time overseas with them.

Published Date 2019-08-20
Duration 7 hours 13 minutes
Author Nils Parker, Mat Best, Ross Patterson
Narrated Mat Best
(139 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Comedy
Parent Category General Comedy, Military, Memoir

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