TED Talks Free Audiobook Download by Chris Anderson

The TED Talks audiobook download by Chris Anderson is one of the best inventions to come out this year. It's the perfect way to learn new and interesting information. The audiobook download comes with over 40 talks narrated by 3 different voices in a variety of genres, including science, business, philosophy, sports, and more.

TED talks are informal, highly condensed lectures from some of the most influential intellectuals in the world. Tom Rielly narrates a TED talk by Chris Anderson about why people fail to appreciate science and how we can change that. Kelly Stoetzel narrates a TED talk by Robert Laughlin on the complexity of scientific discovery.

Chris Anderson created TED Talks in order to share ideas, stories and insights with a global audience. These talks were uploaded online freely to encourage conversations between people with different backgrounds and experiences. There are currently 8,500 talks available on the website and they are all free downloads. This audiobook is narrated by three different voices: Chris Anderson, Tom Rielly, and Kelly Stoetzel.

TED Talks is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. In the world of thought-leadership, TED is the one-stop resource for speakers and ideas worth spreading. The podcasts are free, the videos are free, the talks are free and you can even contribute money to support their efforts in making this content open and accessible.

The TED Talks audiobook download is a collection of talks by Chris Anderson. Chris has a gift of storytelling and knows how to engage his audience. He has also been called "the Steve Jobs" of TED Talks, because of the way he helped turn the platform into a global phenomenon. The stories and lessons in this book can change your life and help you make progress.

Published Date 2016-05-03
Duration 7 hours 32 minutes
Author Chris Anderson
Narrated Chris Anderson, Tom Rielly, Kelly Stoetzel
(112 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Business & Economics
Parent Category Negotiation & Communication

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