Still Life with Crows: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Lincoln Child,Douglas Preston

The book follows the investigation of a murder that leads to a missing painting. The narrator, a detective, is intrigued by the painting's history and he goes from Boston to Paris in search of the creator. What follows is an interesting story with plenty of twists and turns that will keep you on your toes.

Scott Brick narrates this novel which is a novella of 88 pages. The main character is Peter Stillman, a consulting detective who goes undercover to investigate the murder of a man in New Orleans. After coming across encrypted files, he meets computer hacker and cat burglar Jessamine Dubois who also happens to be his ex-girlfriend. This story revolves around the personal lives of these two characters as well as the murder mystery and how they continue on with their lives after it's solved.

Still Life with Crows is an action-packed thriller and the first novel written by the well-known author Lincoln Child. It tells of a deadly virus that starts to spread from a single human victim and continues to kill people in New York City. The story follows two men who are trying to find out what happened with their friend, who was a computer scientist for the company that created this virus. With every twist and turn, they learn more about how this virus spreads, even as they draw closer to the truth. The beginning of the book has some technical jargon, but it quickly becomes easy to read while at the same time being intriguing because of how much information is packed into each chapter.

In this thrilling novel, Lincoln Child delivers a suspenseful and romantic story of two people who are drawn together, but find themselves on opposing sides of what seems to be a suicide. When he meets her, Jack is immediately captivated by the mystery surrounding her and cannot turn away. But when he learns what she does for a living, there is no turning back: not just for himself and his family, but for everyone.

In this new novel by Lincoln Child, Still Life with Crows focuses on the world of Parisian art and the shady dealings of a disgraced family. A wealthy New York couple is given a private tour of their Parisian home by an elderly gentleman who claims to be an art critic. However, there are some oddities about the house that make you wonder what he really is. The couple gets more than they bargained for when they suddenly find themselves trapped in their own mansion with a vicious hoard of crows waiting for them to perish in the night.

"Still Life with Crows" is a crime novel by Douglas Preston, the co-author of "Relentless," and Lincoln Child. The novel is about a homicide detective, Alice Kelsey, who confronts her boss as she investigates the murder of her best friend. What she finds out threatens her career and reputation.

Published Date 2011-07-05
Duration 16 hours 0 minutes
Author Lincoln Child, Douglas Preston
Narrated Scott Brick
(137 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category General

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