Sticks & Stones Free Audiobook Download by Abigail Roux,Madeleine Urban

The audiobook is narrated by Sawyer Allerde and he does an amazing job. I found myself totally immersed in this story.

In a world where language is never used, people live in villages and towns with no need for words. They communicate through body language and facial expressions, with the sounds of their own voices. However, even within this community there's discord, because some believe that animals cannot create thought or speak. When an argument erupts between two villagers, one must prove he can speak to bring peace.

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"Sticks and stones, that's all I ever hear." The following is a list of things you will hear in the audiobook: "My mom always says that," "You're Just Like Your Mother," "That's what my dad used to say," and more. The first person narrator is Sawyer Allerde, an 8-year old boy who has been bullied since he was born. He is teased for his eye glasses, his weight, how he talks, how he walks, and being disabled.

A medical thriller novel. The main character, Dr. Maxine Sheppard, is an expert in pathogen management who has just been fired from her lab at a prestigious research facility after some high-profile incidents with her team lead to the lab's closure and their retirement. Maxine moves back to her small hometown in Nebraska where she grew up and sets up shop in her mother's old doctor's office to start over.

In "Sticks and Stones", the novel follows a woman named Madeleine Urban from the time she leaves college to get married, until the present. It details many difficult events in her life as well as in others around her that make for an engaging story.

Published Date 2010-03-09
Duration 9 hours 9 minutes
Author Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban
Narrated Sawyer Allerde
(41 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Uncategory

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