State of Wonder: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Ann Patchett

The narrator of this book is a journalist who has made a career out of being a fly on the wall. She is sent to interview Katherine, an eighty-year-old woman searching for her lost son.

Twenty years ago, Dee Moray, a successful and influential children's book editor, was working on an ambitious project with her colleague and friend. This was a non-fiction book, one that would explore the lives of child protagonists who were having challenging times in their own lives. After years of research, she and her publisher had found the perfect author to take on this task; an author who seemed like the perfect match for their project.

This internationally acclaimed novel is about a woman who flees from her life in Texas with her teenage son, Theo. They take a cross-country trip to visit Theo's father and his family in Portland, Oregon. It documents the difficulties of moving across the country with a teenager and trying to rebuild a life for yourself.

In this novel, Ann Patchett weaves an adventurous tale of a woman who travels to an unlikely and mysterious country in search of a cure for her cancer.

State of Wonder is a novel written by Ann Patchett. The book follows the story of Dr. Marina Singh, who has returned to her home country after studying medicine in the United States. It begins with the event that prompted her return to America, and moves on to the more human aspects of Marina's life, as she relates how her personal horizons have been broadened in unexpected ways. The audiobook is well-produced; Hope Davis narrates the story in a manner that makes it easy to follow along and understand what is happening in each scene.

When the narrator, Marina, turns thirty-five, her husband divorces her after their daughter leaves for college. Feeling overwhelmed by suburban life, Marina travels back to Nigeria. There she finds herself confronted with the past, and learns that she will never have enough material possessions or time in her life to make up for all she has lost.

Published Date 2011-06-07
Duration 12 hours 22 minutes
Author Ann Patchett
Narrated Hope Davis
(49 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category General, Literary Fiction

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