State of Terror: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Louise Penny,Hillary Rodham Clinton

State of Terror is the first book in Louise Penny's award-winning series about Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. The story begins on a stormy night with Philippe Maigret, mayor of Three Pines, Quebec, watching over his dog and listening to the wind howl through the trees. It turns out that one of the villagers has been murdered. As Gamache investigates, he watches as more and more pieces of what happened that night begin to fall into place and the events are revealed through the eyes of two people: Mrs. Montgomery who found the body of her husband caught in a trap, and young Stella Keene whose parents were shattered by this event twenty years earlier when she was just five years old.

[Audiobook download] This novel follows Chief Inspector Armand Gamache as he investigates a disappearance that occurred in a small village about 3 hours outside of Montreal. The disappearance is not an isolated incident, and as the case builds, it becomes ever more significant. Armand also discovers that this disappearance holds a secret so extreme that it robs him of any hope of solving the crime or even finding out who committed it.

"State of Terror" is a gripping, suspenseful novel about the aftermath of two horrendous crimes in the peaceful French village of Three Pines. The book tells of how the residents turned to each other for support and how the author Louise Penny "is able to portray the unfolding drama with such skill".

In the State of Terror, an old woman dies in the middle of the night. Her name is Mathilde Léger. She was known to everyone in Three Pines, Quebec. When her body is finally found and her death is confirmed by the coroner, her husband, Armand Gamache, isn't all that shocked. He's been living in a fog ever since his wife disappeared more than two decades ago and he has never stopped looking for her. But when several other women are targeted over their connection to his wife and when a young boy disappears from the Léger home on a school day, Armand's team realizes there may be more going on here than meets the eye.

In this spellbinding crime novel, the State of Terror tells the story of a murderer who lives in the woods and wants to hear news from the outside world--in particular, he wants to hear about the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Published Date 2021-10-12
Duration 15 hours 41 minutes
Author Louise Penny, Hillary Rodham Clinton
Narrated Joan Allen
(83 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Political Thriller, Suspense

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