Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation Free Audiobook Download by Paul Hawken

Paul Hawken is a leading voice in the field of social and ecological sustainability. His latest book, Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation, is a call to action that challenges readers to envision a regenerative future where humanity can live harmoniously with nature. The book lays out a roadmap for how to get there, outlining policies that we must implement now and policies that will transform our economy by 2050.

The Carbon War, by Paul Hawken, is a landmark book that explores the significant effects of global warming on our climate and how the world can be regenerated to become energy-independent. The average person has been brainwashed into thinking that humanity cannot survive without fossil fuels. This audiobook is an eye opener for anyone who wants to understand the coming changes and what we can do about it.

In this stunning audiobook, Paul Hawken tells the story of how we can end the climate crisis in our lifetime. He argues that production and consumption have reached a point at which our planet cannot continue to absorb these levels of waste. Our health and well-being are tied to the earth's ability to regenerate, so it is imperative that we live within the limits of a regenerative society.

The solution to climate change is not difficult. We can restore the environment and reverse the effects of pollution simply by creating abundance and ending poverty. This was the message shared on a recent podcast by Paul Hawken, author of The Ecology of Commerce: Building an Economy for the Earth. In his talk, Hawken explains how capitalism exists because it provides us with more than we need and that when we do need something, we are happy to pay for it because it gives us more.

'Paul Hawken's thrilling, eye-opening book is a call to action that should be heeded by everyone on the planet. The author makes a compelling case for living sustainably and using regenerative practices to move our complex industrial world into harmony with nature. With his signature blend of science and ancient wisdom, he shows not only how we can change our lives but also how we must change—or else.'

We are not doing enough to stop climate change. When we do something, it is usually too late. We need an urgent transformation in how the world works, and regeneration is the most recent step in the evolution of this new paradigm. Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation narrates around a dozen intrepid individuals who are working towards bringing about this shift by tackling various facets of our culture's entrenched values - including personal finance, food, education and family life.

Published Date 2021-09-21
Duration 18 hours 18 minutes
Author Paul Hawken
Narrated Bahni Turpin, Feodor Chin, Alana Kerr Collins, Caroline Mclaughlin, Lauren Baldwin, Gisela Chipe, Geoffrey Boyes
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Abridged No
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Category Science & Technology
Parent Category Animals & Nature, Public Policy, Economics

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