Redemption Point: A Crimson Lake Novel Free Audiobook Download by Candice Fox

In the year of 2299, the world is in shambles. The oceans are polluted, the air is toxic--and mankind is almost extinct. When a deadly virus struck, it was only a matter of time before humanity became extinct as we know it. Nine people were left alive as they floated on a raft towards their final destination: Crimson Lake. Day by day their hopes dwindled and they began to question their current existence and what they were doing on that damn boat in the first place. As they drifted further and further away from land, dark secrets began to reveal themselves and one by one, even Captain Kahlia Hendrix began to lose hope until...

"When we first meet the protagonist, she is suicidal. She tries it one more time, but this time fails. In an attempt to save her, someone stitches her up and sends her to a remote cabin miles away from civilization."

In this audiobook, there is a twist of fate and suspense. The plot is about a woman named Violet who had a family tragedy that happened 15 years ago. She has been haunted by the event and has been seeking redemption ever since. Her sister died in the car accident with their parents, and so she felt guilt for having survived.

Redemption Point is the first novel in the Crimson Lake series by Candice Fox. It's a thrilling crime thriller that has everything you need to keep you on the edge of your seat. Join Euan Morton as he tries to find out who killed the senator and why his wife was framed for it, all while protecting his own family from harm.

Redemption Point is a novel that follows the story of a town in New England. Morgan is trying to find a new beginning for herself, but she's met with roadblocks along the way. One day, Morgan finds herself driving to Redemption Point - an abandoned town in Massachusetts that was once home to a cult called Crimson Lake. And as soon as she gets there, Morgan realizes that this place might be the key to changing her life forever.

The first book in the Crimson Lake series, Redemption Point: A Crimson Lake Novel follows a group of young adults as they embark on a dark and mystical journey. The mysterious narrator traps them in an alternate reality and has them compete for their lives.

Published Date 2019-03-19
Duration 13 hours 10 minutes
Author Candice Fox
Narrated Euan Morton
(23 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category International Mystery, Detective Stories, Suspense

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