Red Rising Free Audiobook Download by Pierce Brown

Red Rising is a science fiction novel that follows Darrow, a Red, who is taken from the mines of Mars to serve at the heart of society as a Gold. The Golds are the ruling class and Darrow is assigned to infiltrate them and help change the world for his fellow Reds.

Red Rising is an incredible book. It was so good that I finished it in one day. It has a lot of twists and turns and a really great ending. The audiobook is also really well done if you're listening to it on the go.

Red Rising is the first book in Pierce Brown's award-winning trilogy. It follows Darrow, a Red, as he rises to power and fights for the oppressed to have their freedom. It's filled with action, intrigue, and romance that starts off slow but builds up quickly.

"Gold," said Darrow. "Gold is a metal." "A metal, yes," his father said. "But gold has barely any intrinsic value outside of its scarcity and beauty. It's not a good use of your time or your energy."

Published Date 2014-02-04
Duration 16 hours 13 minutes
Author Pierce Brown
Narrated Tim Gerard Reynolds
(958 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Action & Adventure, Apocalyptic & Dystopian, Science Fiction

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