Principles: Life and Work Free Audiobook Download by Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio is an American businessman and author who founded Bridgewater Associates, a multinational investment management firm. He has been named "the world's most powerful man" by Forbes magazine. His book Principles: Life and Work, which was released in October 2016 and is narrated by Jeremy Bobb [Narrator] gives inspirational advice on how to live life and succeed in the workplace.

This audiobook is a compilation of some of the most relevant thoughts from Ray Dalio on life and work. He shares his principles on how to live a successful life, including the idea that there are three things that make up a person's success: their values, there decisions and the competencies they have. This audiobook teaches you to use your values to guide your decisions when faced with difficult choices in life and sharpen your skills so you can be more productive at work.

Principles: Life and Work is the best book I have ever listened to. It is a fascinating story of [Ray Dalio's] life and how he built his company into the largest hedge fund in the world, Bridgewater Associates. The book is not just about Ray Dalio, but also teaches principles for life, which are applicable for anyone who wants to improve their life or their career.

Ray Dalio's life has been a true story of how to make good decisions, master your emotions and guide yourself through messy situations. He's a billionaire, hedge fund titan and author of the hit book 'Principles: Life and Work'. The audiobook version is narrated by Jeremy Bobb and Ray Dalio himself.

The audiobook, Principles: Life and Work narrated by Jeremy Bobb and Ray Dalio, is an essential resource for anyone who wants to understand Ray Dalio's life-long commitment to principles. It's the result of over 15 years of research and the compilation of a lifetime of work into a single work by one of the world's biggest thinkers.

Published Date 2017-09-19
Duration 16 hours 30 minutes
Author Ray Dalio
Narrated Jeremy Bobb, Ray Dalio
(420 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Business & Economics
Parent Category Management & Leadership, Personal Finance

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