Pretty Baby Free Audiobook Download by Mary Kubica

Pretty Baby is a novel about a woman and the consequences of how she raises her daughter. Kubica combines different points of view from the main character, which makes this book very interesting to listen to.

In this novel of crime and the dark side of love, a woman has to face both when she is forced to care for her daughter's young neighbor. The girl is a shy mute who has been beaten and abused by her mother's boyfriend, which leaves behind physical and emotional scars that are as raw and real as they were before.

Beautifully uncomfortable and thought-provoking, Pretty Baby was a book that I truly enjoyed. The audiobook version is narrated by 'Cassandra Campbell', 'Tom Taylorson', and 'Marie Jorjeana' and it definitely added to the experience of this book.

Ten-year-old Cassandra Campbell is getting on ultimatum from her hardworking single mother and has just learned that she must move to the city. When she's given the option to choose between living with her strict grandmother in a small town, or staying with her mom in the big city, Cassandra chooses the city. Soon after moving, Cassandra befriends a young woman from India who introduces her to the concept of yoga and meditation. When it becomes clear that their friendship could turn into more than just friendship, she starts questioning what exactly love is.

Pretty Baby is a novel by Mary Kubica about an abused girl named Baby who finds a new family that changes her life entirely. This book was so good and it took my breath away because it made me feel like I could understand what it felt like to be in Baby's shoes. The characters are all different, which makes the story interesting and fun to read.

Cassandra Campbell perfectly narrates this beautifully written book. Her talent for providing an engaging story never ceases to surprise me, and her exquisite voice is so calming that I find myself nodding off to sleep every time I listen to it. Tom Taylorsson's performance isn't quite a perfect match for the text, but he comes close. Marie Jorjeana does a great job with the male characters, and she knows just how to make the reader feel their pain in Pretty Baby.

Published Date 2015-07-28
Duration 12 hours 0 minutes
Author Mary Kubica
Narrated Cassandra Campbell, Tom Taylorson, Marie Jorjeana
(54 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Suspense

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