Over My Dead Body Free Audiobook Download by Jeffrey Archer

George Blagden is the narrator of Over My Dead Body, an audiobook by Jeffrey Archer. The audiobook has a run time of about 13 hours and 17 minutes and was first released in 1997.

George Blagden has been a reader of audiobooks for over 20 years. George is an award winning actor with a long list of credits. George has narrated a number of books including the Harry Potter series and the Children's Illustrated Classics series.

This audiobook is narrated by George Blagden, who has a distinctive voice that makes it easy to listen to.

Over My Dead Body is a novel by the English author Jeffrey Archer. It tells the story of world-famous surgeon Michael Faraday who, while working in rural Romania, discovers a new method to bring people back from the dead. The novel was first published in 2002.

George Blagden has narrated Over My Dead Body by Jeffrey Archer and he does a superb job. The voices are distinct, the pacing is perfect, and the characters come to life in his narration.

The recent audiobook release of Over My Dead Body has been receiving a lot of buzz for its innovative narration. The narrator, George Blagden, who is also known for his role in Downton Abbey, has a distinct and enriching style that changes the tone of each character's voice from the classic inflection to a more modern sound. The narrative also includes several sound effects which not only make the story more immersive but also add to the suspense.

Published Date 2021-10-19
Duration 9 hours 40 minutes
Author Jeffrey Archer
Narrated George Blagden
(9 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Police Stories, Suspense

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