New Teeth: Stories Free Audiobook Download by Simon Rich

Fred Berman, the narrator of this glorious audiobook, has an uncanny way of getting into the minds of his characters. He captures their emotions and infuses them with each breath. The actors were able to create a fully immersive experience that is difficult to find anywhere else.

Rich's stories are all very different, but they carry a theme of humanity. He is able to bring out the comedy in horrible situations and make them hilarious, while also delivering serious messages throughout.

New Teeth: Stories is a collection of short stories by Simon Rich. Each story is narrated by Fred Berman, who reads in an energetic, enthusiastic style that is perfect for this book. The stories are pretty much all about the same character, a dentist named Dr. Johnny Lancer who lives in Manhattan and can't seem to figure out how to get ahead despite his best efforts.

New Teeth: Stories is a book by Simon Rich about the characters of one dentist's practice. The audiobook tells the stories of people who come in to have their teeth fixed, some hilarious, some sad. Each story is told through a different narrator and they are all very well read and performed.

[Simon Rich] is a bestselling author and bookseller. He has written, co-written, and illustrated several children's books, many of which have been adapted to film. His work often features social commentary on topics such as classism and immigration. New Teeth is darkly comic in tone with a macabre central storyline reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe classics like The Masque of the Red Death.

Published Date 2021-07-27
Duration 4 hours 33 minutes
Author Simon Rich
Narrated Fred Berman
(1 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Comedy
Parent Category Satire & Parody, Short Stories

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