Neon Gods Free Audiobook Download by Katee Robert

Katee Robert's newest novel, Neon Gods, is a hauntingly beautiful story about the lengths a girl will go to for her family. The protagonist, Zoe, has a difficult relationship with her mother and her best friend. Her mom accuses Zoe of being just like her mother which makes Zoe feel unwanted and unable to escape from this feeling. Her best friend is not much better as she too is abusive towards Zoe. For as long as I listened to this book, I couldn't help but see that this was a story about how love wasn't enough - especially not when it came from the people we love the most.

In Neon Gods, Katee Robert tells the story of a town that is experiencing a revival. Tired of going to church and praying for miracles only to find nothing changes, the townspeople decide to start acting on their own behalf. The story follows two characters--a woman who believes in reincarnation and a woman who was adopted from China and believes in reincarnation--as they each try to find a way out of their lives.

When people think of authors and their books, they may have a hard time picturing what they look like. This is why writers take on aliases. One author who has also taken a unique alias is Katee Robert. Katee was born in Austin, Texas, but she's currently living in Los Angeles. She got into writing after reading and falling in love with the script for the movie The Count of Monte Cristo. Ever since then, her life has been filled with adventure and learning about just how much she loves to write.

The darkly erotic novel is a story of three people who want to be gods in the neon-lit world of nightclubs, drugs and sex.

A young woman is searching for meaning in a world where she never existed. In 'Neon Gods', our protagonist finds herself waking up in a futuristic world where everyone is a clone and every thought, word, and deed has been recorded...

Published Date 2021-06-03
Duration 10 hours 40 minutes
Author Katee Robert
Narrated Zara Hampton-Brown, Alex Moorcock
(34 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Fairy Tales & Folklore, Contemporary

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