Miracle Workers: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Simon Rich

"Miracle Workers" is an award-winning novel that tells the story of a young lawyer from Chicago who travels to New York to try his luck at becoming a child prodigy for an eccentric billionaire inventor. It's about hope, beauty, and the search for meaning.

Miracle Workers: A Novel narrated by Simon Rich is a highly entertaining novel that explores the trials and tribulations of the more unusual aspects of life. The main character, Theo, has a number of interesting experiences in his life. From attending an elite high school with its own safari-style rules to trying to start a social media company with his brother in their family's basement, he finds himself embarking on an unusual journey with his friends.

The miracle workers of New York City take over when a plague hits the city, sapping people of their abilities to heal. As a result, these "miracle workers" are able to make money by doing what they do best-- healing people. They do everything from medical procedures to spiritual work in this new society where you're either well or not so well. This is a very fun story that blends humor and tragedy really well.

Miracle Workers: A Novel by Simon Rich is a satire that the author uses to tell his story of being a member of the 'Miracle Workers,' an organization which specializes in helping people find their way back to society. This novel tells the story of Max, a struggling comic writer who was arrested and deported. Instead of sending him back into drug-riddled streets, he is confined to an asylum. After weeks of therapy and reevaluation, he is granted his release and released into society. However, just as Max starts on his new life, another man comes with a request from the Miracle Workers.

A group of average Americans find themselves inexplicably recruited to save the world from destruction. When they discover their mission is to stop an impending apocalypse by getting into a dying man's mind and making him live, they're forced to confront their own dark pasts as they cross continents in pursuit of the dying man's last wish.

The book starts out with a prologue about the life of Jimmy, an unremarkable janitor in a very busy office building. The next day, disaster strikes - a new boss walks into his office and assigns him to be his personal assistant instead of his janitorial services. He's told that he will soon be promoted to Vice President. Jimmy leaves the night before the promotion is set to happen and gets drunk and sleeps with two women that night while waiting for his promotion. The next morning he wakes up and realizes that nothing has happened...and then it all happens again.

Published Date 2012-08-07
Duration 4 hours 19 minutes
Author Simon Rich
Narrated Simon Rich
(3 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Humor, General, Rom-Com

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