Local Woman Missing Free Audiobook Download by Mary Kubica

Local Woman Missing is a suspenseful thriller about a group of co-workers who are shocked when one of them disappears from her home and nothing appears to be amiss except for the condition of the front door. She's gone, and there doesn't appear to be any evidence that she ever came home. As they search for clues, they realize the person they're looking for has been in their midst all along.

In this thrilling suspenseful thriller, the main character is a young woman who has recently discovered that her husband is hiding some dark secrets. When the stress of their marriage and work becomes too much, she decides to take a vacation away from it all. But when she returns home from her trip, she learns that he has been killed in a car accident and that she has no memory of what happened.

Local Woman Missing is a suspenseful, page-turning thriller with an unforgettable ending. Mary Kubica is up to her eyeballs in debt and she's just been served with another notice of foreclosure on her home by the bank. She's also facing bankruptcy when she decides to take a short cut and move into the basement of her next-door neighbor, David Fowler. It was an easy decision to make at first because it would be temporary; but then the police come knocking on the door looking for Mary, who they believe might be involved in some suspicious activity. The situation quickly becomes deadly serious and the stakes have never been higher in this gripping fictional novel.

Mary Kubica has lived in the small town of South Bend, Indiana her whole life. She is mother to a son, Jerry, who is currently serving a sentence at the wall for murder and rape. While she's worried about him, she still takes care of her house, her business and her garden. When an anonymous woman leaves flowers on her door one day along with a note saying "I'm your daughter", Mary jumps for joy at the chance to reconnect with Jerry. But when Jerry disappears as well and she starts to investigate what happened that night, things quickly get far more complicated than she ever could've imagined.

Local Woman Missing is an audiobook by Mary Kubica. This book made into a movie of the same name in 2014 starring Hilary Swank and Alfred Molina. It is about a woman who goes missing from her small town and has to figure out who took her from the small town.

Mary Kubica is a local woman who has mysteriously disappeared. If you are looking for an audiobook to help you pass the time, this is one of the best options on Audible. There are no shocking twists and turns in this true crime mystery novel. It’s your typical account of a local woman that goes missing, but it still is interesting to listen and learn about her disappearance.

Published Date 2021-05-18
Duration 11 hours 40 minutes
Author Mary Kubica
Narrated Brittany Pressley, Jesse Vilinsky, Gary Tiedemann, Jennifer Jill Araya
(136 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Suspense

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