LA SEMANA LABORAL DE 4 HORAS Free Audiobook Download by Timothy Ferriss

LA SEMANA LABORAL DE 4 HORAS is one of the best books for anyone who wants to learn about personal development and time management. It was written by Timothy Ferriss, an Oprah's favorite author, and has sold over a million copies worldwide. This audiobook is read by Mario Elias Hernandez Martinez, a famous Spanish-language narrator who has recorded over 250 audiobooks in his career.

LA SEMANA LABORAL DE 4 HORAS is a collection of quick, action-packed stories of the triumphs and failures faced by different people throughout their day. The audiobook is a well-woven combination of humorous stories and personal narratives that are interesting to listen to. Timothy Ferriss narrates in Spanish for LA SEMANA LABORAL DE 4 HORAS.

LA SEMANA LABORAL DE 4 HORAS is the ninth book by Timothy Ferriss. This book is composed of his personal experiences from traveling to various countries around the world and interviewing high profile people in these countries. This story includes descriptions of how he spends four hours a day working and learning how people are living their lives.

LA SEMANA LABORAL DE 4 HORAS is a recent book that consists of a 14-day guide to taking complete control over your life. The author, Timothy Ferriss, challenges readers to work for just 4 hours per day and spend their time on things that are important to them. This audiobook was performed by the author himself.

LA SEMANA LABORAL DE 4 HORAS is a Spanish audio book that is narrated by Mario Elias Hernandez Martinez. The audiobook tells the story of a man's week that has seven days of work and five days of rest. This switch up in activity allows him to go on vacation after one week. LA SEMANA LABORAL DE 4 HORAS was originally published in Spanish, but now it is available in English as well with the narration by Tim Ferriss.

La semana laboral de 4 horas es un libro escrito por Timothy Ferriss, que es un reconocido emprendedor, y está basado en la experiencia personal del mismo. Este libro se divide en dos partes. La primera parte explica cómo funciona el mundo de los negocios actuales para el lector conocedor. La segunda parte del libro describen cómo se puede llegar a tener éxito en este mundo que está dominado por las personas más inteligentes del mundo.

Published Date 2018-06-01
Duration 5 hours 6 minutes
Author Timothy Ferriss
Narrated Mario Elías Hernández Martínez
(9 Reviews)
Abridged Yes
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Business & Economics
Parent Category Management & Leadership

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