Is Atheism Dead? Free Audiobook Download by Eric Metaxas

Metaxas, a Greek Orthodox Christian and author of the New York Times best-selling book "Miracles," argues that although the term atheism was coined in 18th-century France, it wasn't until 1976 that it became popularized by American atheist philosopher Antony Flew. He further argues that the decline of atheism is a natural result of biblical Christianity's resurgence.

The word 'atheism' has fallen out of use in some circles, but it still holds power. Telltale signs point to a dramatic decline in atheism and the rise of Christianity, which threatens believers and non-believers alike.

"God is dead," Nietzsche famously wrote. It's a claim that has been made time and again, to laugh at and to despair over, as has the belief in atheism. But lately, it seems as if both claims have taken on new life force. With atheism finding increasing numbers of adherents, it may look like there will soon be no one left who believes in God. "I am appalled that atheists think they're winning," Eric Metaxas writes in his new book "Is Atheism Dead?" Well, maybe not quite yet.

Is Atheism Dead? is a podcast that addresses questions that are not often addressed in the media. The show airs on SIRIUS XM Channel 121 Monday through Friday at 9:00 AM ET, and is offered free-of-charge download to subscribers. It was originally launched on January 1, 2004 as an online radio program and evolved into an hour-long weekly radio broadcast.

The blog post "Is Atheism Dead?" by Eric Metaxas is a great summary of the current state of atheism. The blog post starts off with a discussion of the changing definition of atheism over time and how it has been moving from a belief in God to an ideology that questions religious dogma. After giving the history of atheism, Metaxas discusses the rise and doom of the current atheist culture before concluding with the future outlook of skeptics versus believers.

Published Date 2021-10-19
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