In This Moment: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Karen Kingsbury

One of the most popular novel in recent years is Karen Kingsbury’s In This Moment. This novel has been adapted into a movie, a play, and even a musical. The audiobook was narrated by Kirby Heyborne and January LaVoy.

In This Moment: A Novel is a touching story about love that restores faith. Kirby Heyborne and January LaVoy do a great job narrating this novel. The voice acting is smooth and the story is narrated by two different people which helps create an interesting perspective. This book provides light-hearted fun while also providing hope and love.

"In This Moment" is a powerful tale of hope and forgiveness that is set in a small town where the enemy is no longer an external force, but it is a very personal one. The story opens with the death of twelve-year-old Jake Lassiter, who returns home to find his family grieving in their backyard. Despite all odds, Jake's younger sister Jody has already forgiven her father for what happened.

Set in the stunning setting of California, In This Moment is a fictional story that will take you on a journey of faith, hope, and love. When two people meet who are meant to be together and cannot be without each other, they learn the power of holding on when there seems no hope. They find strength in standing together when it seems impossible to do so and the salvation they find in each other will inspire you to hold on.

In This Moment is a novel that tells the story of newlyweds, Ben and Amber Hensley. They are both eager for their new life together in a tiny town in Kansas, but it doesn't take long before their lives are turned upside down. They are unprepared for the tornado that destroys their home and kills their best friend Angela. From there, they struggle to find stable ground as they try to rebuild while also adjusting to their new life.

In This Moment tells the story of a man named Hank who is a firefighter. His wife died in a tragic accident, and he has never been able to move on from that tragedy. As time passes by, he meets a woman named Hope who helps him get through his life again.

Published Date 2017-11-07
Duration 10 hours 26 minutes
Author Karen Kingsbury
Narrated Kirby Heyborne, January LaVoy
(45 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Uncategory

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