Ghost Stories 2 of 5 By Walter de la Mare Free Audiobook Download by Walter De La Mare

Ghost Stories is a short collection of fantastical tales by Walter de la Mare. The stories follow a man who has been released from his prison cell and begins to tell the stories of those he used to know. There are many haunting moments in these tales that will keep children and adults alike intrigued.

In the second part of his ghost stories, Walter de la Mare offers five stories with a moral or a lesson. A young woman who is dying in the old house she owns wants to live out her own life as if she were still living--she refuses to move even after her husband, who is trying to be practical, has already found the new owner for the property. The first story tells how she dies and how her husband's love allows him to be happy with their children's happiness. The second story is about a woman whose landlord, who can't stand her existence anymore, tries every way he can to force her out until he finally sings his favorite opera into her ear on the last day when all hope seems lost. In the third story, a young man goes to Cairo on business. He falls for an Egyptian girl and plans to get back together with his former girlfriend, but then he finds out that she committed suicide. In this fourth story involving ghosts there is not really any moral; it is simply telling you what happened at an order of things that are sometimes confusing or impossible to understand without supernatural forces. The final story tells of a woman who was haunted by an accident in which she killed a child when it ran in front of her

Walter de la Mare wrote three short stories about ghosts. The first story is about the ghost of a girl that haunts a man on his wedding day. She was in love with him but he did not reciprocate her feelings and she killed herself because of his lack of attentions. Just before the wedding, she unveils her self as a ghost to get his attention and make him forgive her. The second story is called "The Garden Path". In this story, there is a woman who has quite the garden but it's not quite what everyone thinks it is. People are always making fun of the woman's garden, despite how beautiful it really is, but they soon realize that they are wrong once they see their own gardens without flowers and other plants in them.

Walter De La Mare's ghost stories are all about the supernatural, but they are not scary. Instead, these ghost stories are meant to show the reader that the spiritual world is real and never dies.

In the second ghost story of Walter De La Mare's collection, "The Listeners", he writes about a man whose wife has died. As time passes, the man begins to see her spirit everywhere he looks - in their house and garden, while walking in the fields, and even after she has passed away. The character in this story loses his reason to live until an old woman gives him a small keychain with a tiny bell on it.

In the second of his five ghost stories, Walter de la Mare reveals stories of people who are threatened by ghosts but end up in a better place. In one story, a man is tortured by the ghost of his wife because he cannot affair her with anyone else. The ghost torments him night after night until he finally gets rid of her. In another story, a woman goes to bed terrified that her husband's ghost will return home and threaten their marriage. She sleeps with a knife hidden under her pillow and wakes up only to find out that she is living in France.

Published Date 2017-05-04
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Author Walter De La Mare
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