Getting to Yes: How To Negotiate Agreement Without Giving In Free Audiobook Download by William Ury,Roger Fisher

Negotiating agreement is a tough skill to acquire, but anyone who is looking to get a deal done should learn how to do it. In The Getting To Yes book, William Ury and Roger Fisher offer a series of ways that the reader can reduce hostility and come to an agreement without giving into the other party.

Getting to Yes by William Ury, Roger Fisher is a landmark book that has challenged the way we think about negotiation. It describes the process of successful negotiations and provides a framework for understanding how to approach interactions with people.

"The reality is that most negotiation is not outright and final agreement," said the author. "Most of the time, one side or another wins--or at least it appears that way."

The book offers a straightforward process for negotiating agreements and developing cooperative relationships. The basic premise is that we are much more likely to get what we want when we have power than when we don't. With this in mind, the author encourages groups to come to a collective agreement without giving in, but with one humorous and frank rule: "never say never."

Getting to Yes is a book about negotiation from the perspective of finding win-win solutions. The authors, Roger Fisher and William Ury, have been in the field for over 30 years. They've seen successful negotiations, failures, and learned from both. Their advice for negotiating effectively is to listen more than you speak, probe to understand what your counterpart wants, be aware of your counterpart's motivations and avoid being seen as arrogant or self-righteous while still articulating your arguments clearly.

Getting to Yes: How To Negotiate Agreement Without Giving In is a self-help book written by William Ury, Roger Fisher and Bruce Patton. In the book, they discuss how to reach agreements without giving in on the other side.

Published Date 2011-05-03
Duration 6 hours 0 minutes
Author William Ury, Roger Fisher
Narrated Dennis Boutsikaris
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