Garden City: Work, Rest, and the Art of Being Human. Free Audiobook Download by John Mark Comer

Garden City: Work, Rest, and the Art of Being Human. is a novel by John Mark Comer published in 2016. The plot follows a man who wakes up in an unfamiliar city that he can't remember going to and has no recollection of how he arrived in this place.

Garden City: Work, Rest, and the Art of Being Human. is a collection of essays written by John Mark Comer. It touches on topics like work and rest as well as day-to-day living. Comer's writing is interesting to read because it provides different perspectives from which to view life based on his personal experiences with depression, anxiety, and other ailments.

The narrator of this audiobook is [John Mark Comer], and it consists of three parts: a prologue about the author, a section called "Work" that explains the importance of work in society, and then the second part, "Rest," which talks about the importance of rest in human life. It's an interesting look at these topics from an interesting perspective.

One narrator captured the essence of Garden City so eloquently and with such wonderful detail that I simply had to say "thank you."

Garden City follows a man who is going off the rails. His life spirals out of control as he drinks his way through his divorce, dropping out of a job, and gets addicted to pills. He starts by giving up alcohol, slowly moves towards eating healthier, exercising more, trying to find meaningful work again, and eventually getting sober. This book is helpful for any type of reader as it has easily relatable themes on how to live your life and make lasting connections.

In this audiobook, author John Mark Comer discusses his experience of "back-breaking work" and the balance between work and rest. Topics discussed in Garden City include the idea of "being human", the merits of accepting our limitations, the meaning of "work", and the dangers of cultivating an obsession with a goal that may not be sustainable.

Published Date 2021-08-03
Duration 4 hours 57 minutes
Author John Mark Comer
Narrated John Mark Comer
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Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Religion & Spirituality
Parent Category Christianity

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