From a Certain Point of View (Star Wars) Free Audiobook Download by Renée Ahdieh,Sabaa Tahir,Pierce Brown,Nnedi Okorafor,Meg Cabot

The adaptation of the story is a result of many different perspectives and an illustration of how each point of view can be valid. The audiobook features narrators from all over the world, giving a sense of global unity and understanding.

When Han Solo and Princess Leia are forced to flee their home planet of Alderaan, they set out on a journey that will take them across the galaxy. The journey is full of danger and adventure, but it also teaches them about what it means to be a family. After years of separation, the two are brought together once again when they meet up with Han's Wookiee friend Chewbacca and find themselves in search for Luke Skywalker. As fear rises about Luke's whereabouts, he is desperate for help from any Jedi Knight who can be found so that he can save his friends from Kylo Ren

The Republic, not the Empire, is the First Order's true target in this new trilogy from bestselling author R. A. Salvatore, who retells the story of Darth Vader and company from the perspective of two New Republic soldiers-turned-rebels. In this thrilling novel of intrigue, adventure, and romance, readers will be treated to a fresh new take on an established saga that will delight longtime fans of this beloved series and newcomers alike.

This is an audiobook that contains no text and narration from seventeen different narrators, which would be enough to make this crazy. The book is about a group of diverse people who are living on a generational spaceship that travels through space, but something happens when they arrive in their destination, and they're all forced to go down and figure out what's going on.

The most special thing about STAR WARS is that it has a point of view. Every story in the galaxy starts with someone telling you what happens, but the twist is that you can tell your own story from any point of view--the villain's, the hero's, the bystander's.

Published Date 2017-10-03
Duration 15 hours 6 minutes
Author Renée Ahdieh, Sabaa Tahir, Pierce Brown, Nnedi Okorafor, Meg Cabot
Narrated Jonathan Davis, Neil Patrick Harris, Carol Monda, Marc Thompson, Saskia Maarleveld, Daniel José Older, Ashley Eckstein, Jon Hamm, Janina Gavankar, January Lavoy
(86 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Action & Adventure, Space Opera, Science Fiction

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