Financial Peace: Restoring Financial Hope to You and Your Family Free Audiobook Download by Dave Ramsey

It is the most comprehensive financial guide to help you eliminate debt and build wealth. Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace: Restoring Financial Hope to You and Your Family is out-of-sight in terms of the number of books written on this subject. It covers the basics, like how to set up a budget and getting out of debt, as well as more advanced topics such as investing wisely, saving for retirement, building a business or buying a home.

Financial Peace: Restoring Financial Hope to You and Your Family, a compelling book by Dave Ramsey, is a must-read for anyone with financial problems. The audiobook of this masterpiece is available as a free download from Audible.

Dave Ramsey is a financial expert who teaches people how to cut back and save money in many different ways. He says that your first step should be to remove your debt by paying off your high-interest debt before you worry about saving for retirement or starting an investment account.

Dave Ramsey and the principles of financial peace are designed to help people get out of debt, build their wealth and live a life that is free from wasted money. Dave uses his own life's experience as well as biblical teaching to share the key principles with the many needy families that he works with on a daily basis.

Financial Peace is a step-by-step guide that provides practical advice on how to attain financial peace, and ultimately freedom and security in life. The book begins with a discussion of getting out of debt and then goes on to cover topics such as spending, savings, insurance, taxes, investments, and other essentials.

Many of us who have become a part of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University find that his ideas, principles, and methods are working for our family. Dave has helped us all to feel more confident with our finances and more in control. So when you’re looking for a new way to get started, remember what we’ve learned from Dave: happiness starts with your money.

Published Date 2011-04-14
Duration 1 hours 31 minutes
Author Dave Ramsey
Narrated Dave Ramsey
(64 Reviews)
Abridged Yes
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Category Religion & Spirituality
Parent Category Christianity, Personal Finance

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